Seamless Gutters

Seamless Gutters

Better Roofing with Travis in Santa Cruz, CA wants to tell you about the benefits to using our seamless gutter system on your Santa Cruz County, CA home. A gutter system plays an essential role in your home’s defense against water. Since your roof directs water to your gutters, it’s job is to move it away from your home and to the spout and keep it far away from your foundation. The main and obvious difference with a seamless gutter system compared to a traditional gutter system is there are no seams. That’s a good thing because the more seams you have, the more chances you have for your gutter system to leak and fail.

Made To Fit - Installing new gutters typically involves measuring, cutting them to size and fitting them together. These processes make the job time-consuming and challenging to install. This doesn't apply to Better Roofing with Travis seamless gutters in Santa Cruz, CA. Homeowners are guaranteed a perfect fit with a seamless gutter system. These gutters are customized for each unique home. If the gutters fit well, they will function correctly. Our expert installed gutter system offers great performance and will protect your home for years to come. Seamless gutters are custom designed to fit your home’s roof structure and dimensions. If you have perfect fit gutters, you do not have to worry about the leaks and other problems. Their design eases the flow of water and improves functionality.


Low Maintenance

Traditional gutters need to be cleaned many times through the year because the seams are a magnet for dirt, leaves and twigs. This build up will eventually block your gutters and downspout from functioning correctly. Better Roofing with Travis seamless gutter system in Santa Cruz County, CA will not accumulate as much debris since they have fewer joints and gaps. Less debris leads to less time spent cleaning and maintaining your home’s gutters.

Less Leaks

One of the worst problems that plagues standard gutters are leaks, and leaks will lead to damage to your home, most leaks happen at the sections where joints meet. When installed improperly, connector pieces such as elbow joints will leak when the downspout is blocked. Better Roofing with Travis seamless gutters in Santa Cruz, CA contain very few joints compared to traditional gutters. They do not have breaks or sections, which reduce the number of leaks that can occur. You have the risk of leaks with sectional gutters. Over time, the spot where the two sections are joined together will widen and cause holes. On the other hand, the number of holes and leaks can be reduced by installing seamless gutters, as they have joints only at the corners.

Visually Appealing

Better Roofing with Travis seamless gutters contribute to your Santa Cruz County, CA home’s beauty and curb appeal. It provides a streamlined, sophisticated look without the gaps between the gutters or visible fasteners attaching each section. Seamless gutters increase the curb appeal of your home with their appealing design. Also, they can be painted to complement your home’s exterior. You can choose seamless gutters made of aluminum, copper or steel depending on your unique requirements.

When compared to traditional gutters, Better Roofing with Travis seamless gutters in Santa Cruz, CA have plenty of options and design choices. You can choose from aluminum, copper or steel. Seamless gutters can be painted to compliment your home, while others offer a baked on enamel finish that will keep it in prime condition for years. Seamless gutters are the best option if you are going for a specific style for your home’s exterior. We hope the above benefits to using a seamless gutter system has you thinking about making a move to seamless gutters.

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