Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

After serving Santa Cruz County, CA for years, Better Roofing with Travis knows nature could ravage homes when least expected. This is why we offer emergency roof repairs to keep minor and major leaks under control even during the worst hours. Here’s how our roof repair service benefits you in Santa Cruz, CA:

Preventing Further Damage

In emergency situations, Better Roofing with Travis goal is not to permanently fix your roofing system right away, but rather to stop the bleeding until the harsh weather subsides. Until the sky clears, there’s no way to properly and safely repair a leaking roof. The best temporary fix is to tarp off the affected areas and minimize their exposure to the elements. When there’s a leak, nobody could undo the damage. However, our professional roof repairs in Santa Cruz, CA could manage it and spare the unaffected portions of your home from the effects of water intrusion.

Get Professional Help In No Time

Storm damage shouldn’t wait until the morning. It has to be professionally handled with a sense of urgency to avoid the bad from becoming worse. Unfortunately, some roofers refuse to go out in the middle of the storm. Better Roofing with Travis is one of the few roofing repair contractors in Santa Cruz County, CA that would come to your rescue as soon as possible. Our immediate reaction makes the difference between little and severe roof damage.

Documenting The Situation

To file an insurance claim, you can delay temporary repairs and produce sufficient evidence to support your case in Santa Cruz, CA. Better Roofing with Travis can help you get just compensation for your covered roof. We’ll waste no time, take photographs of the damage, and provide you a reasonable estimate to facilitate the claim process.

Considering a little roof repair this weekend? Let us tell you why that may not be such a good idea. Hiring Better Roofing with Travis roof repair contractors is one of the best decisions you can make. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home as it keeps your family and your belongings protected from the outdoor elements. We are equipped with the proper tools, safety gear, and knowledge to navigate the process of repairing your Santa Cruz County, CA roof. Small or large, our team is ready to help you with your roof repair. And the best part is that we do this every day, and we will notice issues you might miss otherwise.

Master Roofers

Our team has been doing roofs for years, which means there’s nothing we haven’t seen. Better Roofing with Travis is committed to serving you with excellence, getting the job done quickly, and keeping your roof in Santa Cruz, CA safe for years to come.


Roofing accidents are quite common. As professional roofers, Better Roofing with Travis uses special equipment to keep our team safe while they repair your roof in Santa Cruz County, CA. We recommend keeping your feet safely on the ground and leaving the repairs to our team of specialists.


Better Roofing with Travis is equipped with special tools and technology to inspect and repair your roof in Santa Cruz, CA. Our team of roof experts can identify any problems with your roof and fix issues quickly and competently.

Warranty Offered

Here at Better Roofing with Travis, we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty. Your roof repairs in Santa Cruz County, CA will be protected under our warranty, letting you breathe easy and giving you peace of mind.

Cost Efficient

Working with Better Roofing with Travis roof repair contractor will save you money long term. We purchase roofing supplies at a lower cost than you can find in stores, and we have special roofing materials and tools to use in a variety of situations in Santa Cruz, CA . If you determine the cost of supplies and the tools to do it yourself, you’re already looking at a higher cost to repair your roof.

Superior Materials

Here at Better Roofing with Travis, we only use the highest quality materials on your roof in Santa Cruz County, CA. And even better, we have access to those materials at a wholesale cost. If you try to repair your roof yourself, you’ll end up paying more for materials at a retail price. Our high quality materials will keep your roof in tip top shape for years to come.


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