Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Do you own a commercial property? Is your building in need of a roof repair? Better Roofing with Travis specializes in commercial roofing services in Santa Cruz, CA. There are various options available for a commercial roof, and we have the training and expertise to evaluate, plan and repair your roof right the first time. Often we’re able to simply repair a commercial roof in Santa Cruz County, CA, easing budgetary concerns. Repairing the leaks in your commercial building will not only save your inventory from water damage but add years of life to your existing roof.

Whether you have a leak requiring immediate assistance or minor difficulties with your current roofing system, Better Roofing with Travis makes practical solutions to roofing problems a no-hassle experience. When looking for a commercial roofer in Santa Cruz, CA, there are plenty of things to consider, such as price, reputation, and experience. But, often overlooked are the benefits of finding a commercial roofer with a full service approach.

Most roofing companies can only handle roof construction and repairs. These companies have to hire middlemen and vendors to fabricate the metal parts of any roof they construct, and they rarely have the resources to keep up with preventative maintenance. A full-service company, like Better Roofing with Travis, is a partner in every aspect of roofing and provides everything you need for the entire life of your roof all under one roof in Santa Cruz County, CA. Here are just a few of the many benefits of our commercial roofing services.


No matter the size, all Better Roofing with Travis commercial roofs in Santa Cruz, CA start with one main component sheet metal. Light gauge industrial sheet metal is the most efficient, durable, and cost-effective material for building roofs, but most roofing companies have to buy it from a vendor. Full service roofers cut out the middleman and fabricate their own sheet metal components, speeding up construction and passing on a lower cost to customers.

Through in-house fabrication, Better Roofing with Travis commercial roofers in Santa Cruz County, CA are able to design and produce custom components faster and cheaper than other companies. By eliminating a third-party fabricator, full-service roofers are able to ensure that every component is specially-designed for the roof they install and not just modified from a generic design. We even offer free design services and create prototypes to eliminate mistakes in design.

Better Roofing with Travis commercial roofing services in Santa Cruz, CA has an experienced construction team. Roofers who rely on outside fabrication and design may experience hold ups or complications that delay construction or add costs. Our commercial roofers are able to partner with the customer from the very beginning to ensure timely scheduling and communication and eliminate unwelcome surprises when building a new roof, replacing a roof, or creating a roof recovery system.

As a critical part of a building’s structure in Santa Cruz County, CA, a roof isn’t something you can just build and forget. Like any complicated system, commercial roofs need maintenance. The best full-service roofers have a proactive maintenance management program. Better Roofing with Travis starts with a roofing assessment and produces an industry-leading report with maintenance planning, recommendations, and forecasting for future repairs.

Better Roofing with Travis commercial roofing in Santa Cruz, CA is for any customer who wants to save money and time on roof construction by doing it right the first time, as well as anyone with a project that requires a high level of customization. Trying to piece together all the parts of a roof with different contractors is a huge headache for project managers and general contractors, while a full-service company can handle everything from construction through the whole life of the roof.

Even regularly maintained roofs can experience unexpected damage, and full-service roofers are equipped to quickly respond to emergencies. Better Roofing with Travis has an entire service team available to repair your roof whenever you need it in Santa Cruz County, CA. When choosing a full-service commercial roofer, it’s important to consider the company’s experience, reputation, and services. Better Roofing with Travis has years of experience and leads the industry in quality and service.

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